Pipeline Leak Detection

Pipeline Leak Detection

Detecting water pipe leaks is normally done acoustically or by filling the pipe with a tracer gas and using sensors to see where the gas escapes.

Part of the process of water pipe leak detection is tracing the location of the pipe. Our engineers carry a large range of equipment which allows us to accurately trace metallic or plastic pipes.

Some pipe leak detectors can be inserted through the pipe which will allow us to pinpoint the leak and trace the line of the pipe.

Water pipe leaks can often be located with little or no disruption to the clients water supply or operations. Were an interruption to the water supply is not acceptable we can locate and repair the leak without turning the water off.

Please call 0800 612 0855 to talk to an advisor about water pipe leak detection.

Can you please pass on my thanks to Mark and Barry? They worked tirelessly for the three days solid, with all the odds stacked against them, yet never seemed likely to ‘give up’. They are both a credit to your company, and I look forward to the potential of working with them again in the future. Mr Norris - Drewmark Building Services, Wrexham