water leak detection

Water Leak Detection Equipment

Trace Surveys has the most diverse range of leak detection & Leak testing equipment out of all the UK Based Leak location companies. Our experienced and qualified staff apply this range of equipment to a wealth of experience in construction methods and building services installations to give our clients the most comprehensive leak detection service available.

The Water Leak Detection Systems we use allow us to find leaks on pipework and building envelopes.

Some of the equipment we use to locate leaks on building envelopes include Thermal Imaging, Electronic Vector Mapping, Vac Box testing & Trace Gas Injection & sensing. We combine these with techniques with more traditional techniques such as dye testing smoke testing and pressure testing to give our clients a ‘one stop shop’ for all leak location processes.

We combine a lot of experience with a love of gadgets. Here’s just some of the water leak detection equipment we have on hand:
• Thermal Imaging Cameras • Trace Gas / Hydrogen Sensors • Electronic Testing / Vector Mapping • Endoscope Cameras • Moisture Meters • Ground Microphones • Correlators • Acoustic Data Loggers • Salts / Chemistry Analysis • Drain Cameras • Humidity Sensors • Dew Point Alarms • Pipe Tracing Equipment.

We carry a very comprehensive range of water leak detection equipment. This includes, but is not exclusive to, Trace gas injection and sensing, Ground Mic’s, Correlators, Leak Finders & Thermal Imaging cameras.

We also offer a utility mapping service using Ground Penetrating radar and some of the most advanced cable location devices available on the market.

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