water leak detection

Water Leak detection services in buildings and pipework

We provide an accurate Leak location service by ensuring that our highly trained and experienced engineers have the most advanced and diverse leak detection equipment available to them.

At Trace Surveys we use a diverse range of innovative, non-destructive leak detection techniques that are designed to quickly and accurately pinpoint leak locations.

This service is all about reducing occupant disruption and any associated repair / reinstatement costs.

How do we prove the Leak Detection results?
Realistically, a leak isn't found until it's exposed and we’re looking at a physical fault in the material. The problem is therefore, knowing where to dig. We never assume the leak is found based on the results of one piece of leak detection equipment. Since we carry more equipment than any of our competitors we insist on using as many techniques as possible or practical to prove our findings before any holes are dug.

We are experts at Water leak detection and building envelope Leak detection.

We take a systematic approach to envelope leak detection. We identify the elements that are likely to be at fault and work out what can be tested. Our approach is to then test each element and prove a fault or prove the integrity of the element.

How do we survey?
We combine a lot of know-how with
a love of gadgets. Here’s just some
of the equipment we have on hand:

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